A Skimb is a 15 page, 1000 words-literary-work that’s powered by technology and masterly written and published as an original title, with the aim of keeping all you need to know about anything succinct and quickly digestible.

You can read from thousands of Skimbs by creating a FREE account.

You can publish a Skimb by signing up as a writer on Skimbler.

No, Skimbs are proprietary and exclusively published on Skimbler.

Every writer on Skimbler earns money.

Each Skimb costs only $1.99.

Anyone with content can write on Skimbler. To do so, you have to sign up as a writer, it’s Free. However, we require that you meet a set of very important criteria.

Yes, every reader on Skimbler can filter preferences for their library when creating a FREE account or can edit preferences from settings. Skimbs will also be recommended to the users based on their reading history if the user enables this option.

Skimb is the singular and Skimbs is the plural, period!

Skimbs bring to you the best of reading from successful entrepreneurs, researchers, thought leaders, best-selling authors, children writers, captivating story tellers, and even your average Joe that’s an expert. Skimbs are the new revolution in literacy helping you get smarter faster than ever.

Every Skimb purchased belongs to the owner and it is cataloged in the user’s library for online and offline access as long as you do not delete it.

Skimbler has thousands of titles with different genres to read from. Whatever is your preference, you will find dozens of Skimbs.

Skimbs are original titles and are only published on Skimbler. You cannot find a single Skimb or any part of its content anywhere. All Skimbs are original, exclusive and proprietary to Skimbler.

No, a library file is created automatically on your device wherein all your Skimbs are downloaded into.

Every user account has an unlimited size library.

Yes, as soon as you create an account, you’re ready to read and enjoy.

No, Skimbler does not operate a subscription model. Huge benefits are tied to your purchase history and one-time bulk expense.

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